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Kings of the Island

BreMea's mechanic jam entry

The four kings from a union of kingdoms are traveling across the sea, when their boat runs ashore on a deserted island. Pirates, eager to seize the kings wealth, row ashore and attack the four kings. Defend each of the kings and their island from the pirates in this intense twist on the 'king of the hill' mechanic.

Note: Yes, I am very aware of the many bugs in this game. The project was rushed to meet the jam submission deadline (although this is a late submission)


Movement: WASD

When one king moves, they all move with it. If an object such as a rock blocks one king's path, all kings will move except that one. If a king touches a pirate, that king loses health. Pay attention to all four kings and doge any approaching pirates.

Activate Attack: Left Click on king / move mouse to aim

Click on a king to set it into attack mode. When in attack mode, you'll see a red zone facing your mouse. Move the mouse around to aim the attack.

Attack: Left Click

Left Click to attack. Whichever king is currently in attack mode will attack, instantly killing all pirates with the attack's red zone. However, do be careful. Every time you attack, the king who attacked looses 1 heart. Any pirates you killed will drop 1-3 hearts, which you can pick up by walking over them.


KingsOfTheIsland.exe 36 MB

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