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Welcome to Balance, a game about... well, balance! Random colored balls will fall from the sky, and you must keep them all balanced on the seesaw. If they fall, you'll lose some points. If you keep them on the seesaw for a little bit, they will vanish and you'll be granted a few points.

Different colored balls will grant different amounts of points, and some will have to remain on the seesaw longer than others. Red/Yellow is the hardest, but grants 4 points. Green/Lime is second, with 3 points, and Blue/Light Blue provides 2 points. White/Black only gives 1. The more points, the longer it takes to vanish.

You have a smaller, yet denser ball attached to your mouse. Use it to help balance out the seesaw if needed. This ball will never vanish, it cannot interact with other balls (just the seesaw), and it cannot give or take away points.


Yeah, I'm aware of the many bugs, haha. This is a game jam entry, so I didn't have enough time to work 'em all out. Stay tuned for a more refined version of this game in the coming weeks :)


Programming & Art - BreMea
Music & SFX - SilentDrumr (Mario Acero)

Made withPixiJS
Tags2D, Physics

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